How to Engage, Educate & Enrol High-End Clients to Grow your Business


If you’re scratching your head how to improve your enrolments and/or sales or you’re launching a new service, let us help put you on the right track. In our free 30 minute consult …

  • We discuss your current challenges across the entire end-to-end customer journey in relation to your desired goals.
  • You receive insights and a plan for how you can improve your marketing and increase high-end client acquisition.
  • Learn about our ‘Strategic Marketing for Business Growth’ Programme and, if it’s a fit, you decide when to get started.

Most businesses today aren't collecting the data needed to optimise their success ...


Our evaluations provide 360-degree insights to help you get to the heart of what’s working well and not so well in your key business processes and identify the areas (and metrics) for improvement.


Clients who use our services have leaner processes that perform well and know how to measure short term gains and longer term success.

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What we do

Belanda Consulting is an independent, UK-based firm, providing consultancy & training services to support organisations with strategy, planning & evaluation to meet business improvement, marketing and growth objectives. We specialise in process & performance review, digital integration and change management.

Who we help

We work with not-for-profit sectors like education, social housing, health & charities as well as SMEs and professional service providers to help bring about strategic change, improve processes, productivity & performance and support growth & innovation.

How we help

Our specialist consultants can support you in a variety of ways from independent evaluation, review and challenge to practical business support and training. While being flexible to your needs, we scope & plan the work carefully to achieve the best possible benefits to you. We take a participative and evidence-based approach so your team can reflect, share and learn from the work we do together.

Web Marketing Success Checklist

In today’s digital world, people want authentic engagement and expert support. This free infographic from our iSuccess Business Academy programme outlines the 6 Key Tactics and 4 Breakthrough Solutions you need in place to rock your marketing and generate leads on autopilot.


Belanda Consulting undertakes  strategic review, scoping research, evaluation & analysis work to support robust design & planning of innovation, operational improvements & business development, including impact assessment to identify & validate outcomes and ROI.

Our reports are insightful, focused, structured and objectives-driven, resulting in identified areas and actionable recommendations for strategic, quality and/or performance improvement.


Belanda Consulting takes an education-led approach to working with clients. We build advice, feedback and guidance into all our projects as well as offering specific mentoring programmes to complement consultancy outcomes that may require a shift in thinking or deeper level of individual support.

We also run IOEE SFEDI accredited courses in business support and our own iSuccess Business Academy for professionals looking to improve their performance in business – covering business strategy, brand identity, business planning, marketing and profitability.


Belanda Consulting undertakes strategic marketing review to challenge and improve your customer lifecycle, that is how you generate leads, follow up and enrol clients / customers into your business. We look at how you are currently engaging and educating your target audience, and help you to streamline your marketing & sales process and evaluate marketability, impact on growth parameters and ROI.

Our approach is both strategic, tied into your business vision and plan, and also tactical with practical support for innovation, implementation and project management.

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