We exist to help non-profit organisations, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and professional services businesses with strategic planning, digital transformation and impact evaluation for innovation, change & growth initiatives.

Our Expertise

Organisations today operate in a highly competitive and changing business environment, one which requires effective, responsive and well-managed processes & planning to keep on track and ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive & global market place.

With over two decades of expertise in strategic planning, operational improvement, technology integration and evaluation, at Belanda Consulting, we are committed to helping you across the entire cycle of the strategic change process.

The real work we do ‘on the ground’ with clients fuels our growing knowledge, insight & expertise across the increasingly cross-cutting sectors that we serve, the sharing of which is at the heart of our mission to provide leadership & value through advising, speaking & training.

 Our services are flexible to your needs and can assist you across the full cycle of innovation and transformation: strategy review, performance improvement, action planning and evaluation of outcomes & impact.

We also help clients with practical aspects of implementing change, such as programme & project management, performance gap analysis, staff training needs analysis, marketing strategy and process efficiency. 

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Our Clients

Belanda Consulting works with professional service providers in both the public and private sectors to support business development and change management. Since 2007, we have been delivering external evaluation, review & challenge to help our clients with strategic planning, process improvement, marketing, digital transformation and business growth.

Our clients include:

  • Further and higher education institutions
  • Charities, social housing associations and social enterprises
  • Local authorities and other key partners and stakeholders
  • Private sector service businesses & training providers
  • Independent professional service providers.

Our Approach

Our consulting approach aims to empower business owners & managers to align purpose, profitability & performance by challenging you to think differently about how you plan, market and deliver your services & products. Coupling business development with operational efficiency, we assist you to improve internal processes for business planning, to create reliable marketing & sales systems, and to grow as a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Our first step is always to work with you to scope the assignment, so we gain a full appreciation of your issues, context and needs. Our initial “strategy” session starts the ball rolling and we will then tailor the work to suit your priorities, timescale & budget. An agreed work plan sets out the objectives, key documentation, stakeholder interviews & deadlines for the review. This ensures we deliver an actionable evaluation, including areas for improvement and recommendations for management, in a collaborative, timely & effective manner.

Examples of work undertaken can be found under Portfolio.

As members of various professional bodies & national associations, partnering with us assures you of high standards of work and accredited business support. We have successfully delivered consultancy through national agencies such as Jisc, HEFCE and as well as regional frameworks such as Marketing Birmingham, Growth Accelerator, National Enterprise Allowance Scheme and Breaking Barriers Innovations.

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Our Team

jay allyson dempster

Dr Jacqueline Allyson Dempster (Jay)

CEO & Founder/Managing Partner

Belanda Consulting is headed up by founder and managing partner Jay who has 30 years’ experience in supporting educational innovation & business development, working with non-profit organisations & national agencies as well as SMEs & solo professional service providers. Jay specialises in strategic review, operational efficiency, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, communications & marketing. A key area of expertise is in the evaluation of impact from innovation and change programmes. She has a wide range of publications in the fields of education, e-learning, business growth and marketing.

Our partners and consulting team have many decades of experience working in the non-profit sector, primarily education and local government as well as supporting regional and national agencies for innovation and business growth.

The approach to quality management is driven by what clients say about their experience working with us – insightful, accessible, authentic, on-the-ball, pragmatic and outcomes-focused.

Jay’s take on our unique value proposition:

“With our wide-ranging expertise & experience, we believe we’re very well-equipped to provide both public sector and business clients a unique blend of ‘big picture’ strategic insights, operational performance improvement ‘on the ground’ and evidence-based analysis for your stakeholder communications. We support you every step of the way to achieving your project or organisational objectives and capturing the impact and benefits of your change programmes.”

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Next Steps …

If you think a consultancy can help you achieve your business improvement goals, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by email or phone to discuss your specific needs without obligation. In the meantime, ask us anything!

As experienced educators, you can also call on us to provide bespoke facilitation, training & mentoring services. We look forward to assisting you so do let us know how we can help.

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