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Some guidance on our fees is provided below and to the right you can explore our main types of assignments working with clients and our business support programmes (scroll down to open up each section).

Across all our services, Jay’s education-driven approach to working with clients delivers both clarity and tangible outcomes, whether that’s making incremental improvements to the performance of teams and processes or a total transformation of your operating model to bring about step-change in productivity, profitability and revenue.

Over the years, Jay has undertaken a wide variety of organisational business reviews and mentored hundreds of individuals at various stages of their career & entrepreneurship: from students to startups, from local business owners to network marketers, from university professionals to executive directors.

Our fees

Our consulting services run on the basis of projects or assignments rather than daily rates. This is because larger projects will attract a lower “rate” than one-off consultancy days. However, for the purpose of some procurements, typically our rates are £950 per day plus expenses (travel & accommodation).

By way of examples (excluding expenses):

  • One off advisory consultations (face-to-face or via skype usually lasting 1-2 hours): £250 (including pre-meeting review of issues/documentation/questions as preparation for the session)
  • A short scoping study or market research/analysis contract 5-10 days: £950 per day
  • Evaluation project of 10+ days: £850 per day (including design, data collection, analysis & report writing)
  • CPD workshops, training & tutoring: £650 per day delivery plus £20 per participant (excludes any additional time required for preparation, tailoring & travel charged at £450 per day)
  • Longer term “critical friend” or non-exec director advisory role over an initiative, programme or project: from £1000 per month (charged on a monthly or quarterly basis as required), minimum contract 3 months.

We undertake three main types of evaluation:

  • EXTERNAL EVALUATION – an independent, systematic process of inquiry and analysis, designed to provide objective “external” judgements and a detailed report concerning performance, capability and outcomes. This may be a short, formal post-project evaluation, a full programme mid- or end-review or a long term consultancy to help design the evaluation and support evaluation activity across the entire work plan.
  • SCOPING RESEARCH – a diagnostic inquiry involving market research and/or stakeholder consultation to look at initial feasibility and interest in an innovation, start up or project/programme, which can form the basis of evidence for funding applications.
  • BUSINESS MARKETING REVIEW – a strategic diagnostic review of your business development process, marketing activities, sales process and/or website review with regard to clarity and leverage and a detailed report of problem / limiting areas and recommended actions for improvement. From this clear vantage point, if you decide you wish us to help you implement the solutions identified, we can work with you on the action plan.

Our operational improvement review & challenge projects are like an internal audit without the audit!

Working in educational, professional and business development “in the trenches” for many years, we bring both academic credibility and business pragmatism to our review work. Our expertise stems from leading, managing and evaluating large-scale change programmes as well as smaller innovation and improvement projects – we look at the holistic effectiveness of strategy, design, planning, quality, training and delivery processes across the organisation. We have supported hundreds of clients from not-for-profit institutions, SMEs and independent service providers seeking support for their business transformation work: performance improvement, value for money, strategic marketing and client journey mapping.

Projects usually span 5-20 days depending on the scope and we work with you to:

  1. Plan out the focus, documentation and meetings required
  2. Conduct interviews onsite and attend key executive boards
  3. Analyse findings and produce a report.

The deliverable is a document evidencing positive findings, areas for improvement and recommendations for management. Clients remark on our insightful and actionable outputs, which bring both an external perspective and evidence for change.


We offer a number of mentor-supported programmes to help SMEs with business growth strategies,  digital marketing integration and sales process automation.

In April, we open up our 6-week Business Boost Programme of tailored support for SMEs in the Midlands region.

Click here for information about the programme, eligibility and enrolment details.

iSuccess Business Academy

Launching soon, our iSuccess Business Academy aims to support and inspire  business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-professionals every step of their journey to success.


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