Business Boost programme

Business Boost is a 6-week tailored support programme that helps independent professionals services and small service provider businesses to develop a leveraged action plan to increase reach & revenue through digital strategies. Our support can be provided through onsite face-to-face meetings or remote conferencing/calls or a mix of both.

We take into account where your business is right now, where you want it to be in 1-2 years and help you identify strategic business models and process improvements to get you there.

We review your business objectives, current performance challenges, planned products and services; we look at your marketing collateral (print, PR and digital, including your website if you have one) and sales processes,; and overall, we undertake a diagnostic evaluation to show you the areas for improvement that can most impact your business income and growth potential going forward.

Enrolment into Business Boost is by application (expression of interest), because we only work with 4 businesses a month at any given time, and we want to be sure the programme is a good fit for both of us. The support we provide is high-touch, insightful and empowering. We keep our fee low as we know a lot of our Boost clients will want to continue to work with us to implement the solutions we identify for your business.

Please opt in below to submit your expression of interest (EOI) and we will contact you usually within 1-2 working days to arrange a short consult (by phone, zoom or face-to-face as appropriate) when you can tell us a little bit more about you, your business goals, and current issues you’re facing.

Then if it looks like you’re a fit, we will let you know a bit more about the programme and you can ask any questions you need to make a decision. That way we can both consider if it’s this kind of support is right for you and discuss the best timing for the work to take place.

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How the programme works

The 6-week Boost programme helps solo professionals and service provider SMEs to develop a business growth action plan that takes into account where your business is right now, where you want it to be in 1-2 years and what will be involved in getting there.

The programme has three phases:

Week 1 – 2: First off is fact-finding and consultation, working directly with you as the business owner/manager (and key staff) to explore your business vision, current issues / needs, capability of your people & processes and what’s likely holding your business back.

Weeks 3 – 4: The second phase involves us analysing these findings, reviewing your website, sales and marketing processes and identifying areas of strength, areas for improvement and the critical steps you need to take to achieve your next phase of growth.

Weeks 5 – 6: In the third phase, we discuss these findings with you & other key team members, consider the desired pace of change & support requirements, and help you put together a proposed action plan.

The programme will involve time and a small fee – it’s not for everyone and anyone.

Our assistance is very bespoke, identifying the key priority areas for development within your business. We can offer a further package of support to help you implement the solutions we recommend for your business, such as digital integration, new or revised product offers, website and sales process improvements.

Solutions are tailored to your business growth objectives and your willingness to commit to the work we do together. We’ll only invite you into the programme if we truly believe we can achieve tangible benefits for your business, so we do need to ask what may seem probing questions about your vision and current challenges as part of our enrolment process.

Is your business eligible?

To be eligible for the Business Boost programme, you must:

  • Be registered in England
  • Be a service provider (not solely retail)
  • Be the business owner, managing partner, chief executive or COO
  • Have between 1-25 employees (including contract & freelance staff)
  • Have a turnover of less than £3m.